Employee Benefits
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Employee Benefits

Unique Cost Savings Approach

With more than 25 years of employee benefit experience, our expertise stretches the gamut from analysis to implementation, to renewals. We have a developed a proven cost-savings approach to designing and managing benefits that is effective for groups of all sizes, accomodating the individual needs of each client, no matter how complex their issues may be.


Thorough analysis of company culture, employee needs, financial objectives, claims data and benchmarking to design a package that fits the needs of both employer and employees.

Wellness Initiatives

Consideration of proven cost saving strategies such as Wellness Programs and Voluntary Benefits to help employees offset healthcare costs, while enhancing the benefit package for employees.

Benefit Advocate

With over 25 years of experience, we advise you, NOT sell you. We also leverage our strong relationships with multiple carriers and other vendors to get the best pricing and service for our clients.

Benefit Management

We assist with onsite implementation, onboarding, communications, claims and billing issues, and perform timely renewals. You’ll also have access to top HR technology, helping you streamline your benefits.

Benefits Available

We work with national carriers to offer the following benefit options, which include many must have staples, such as health and dental coverage, in addition to other benefit options that help employers promote overall health and well-being, proven to increase productivity, morale and loyalty.

  • Group Health

    HMO & PPO plans with no/low to high deductibles with varying co-pays, providing employees an opportunity to save on healthcare from quality providers and networks.


    Studies show dental coverage promotes overall health and well being for your employees and their families, providing a variety of preventative and corrective services.


    Similar to dental policies, vision plans promote well-being and are inexpensive, providing routine eye care (glasses, contacts, etc). and discounts on procedures like LASIK.

  • Self-Funded Plans

    Employers who self or partially self-fund health plans save on premiums and have increased cash flow, certain tax advantages and more control over benefit design.


    An important part of the benefit offering, employees are more productive, secure in knowing their loved ones will be taken care of, in the event of an untimely death.


    Surveys show that disability insurance is in the top 5 of most desired benefits. Disability benefits allow employees to maintain their life-style while disabled.

  • Long Term Care

    As the high cost of long-term care isn’t typically covered by other insurances and the average life-span grows, Long-Term Care is an ever-increasingly popular benefit.

  • Key Person Benefits

    Typical insurance covers a fraction of a key executive's salary. Key Person life and disability are for key employees who are critical to the success of your company.

  • Retirement Benefits

    Sponsoring a retirement plan is a great way to help your employees build financial wealth and feel financially secure, while also offering you tax advantages.

  • HSA & FSA

    Allows employees to put pre-taxed earnings aside for healthcare and other costs, such as co-pays or child care. Thus, reducing taxable income and increasing take home pay.

  • Premium Only Plans

    A flexible arrangement that allows employees to select, pay and be reimbursed for their health coverage which saves employers & employees on premiums, taxes and paperwork.

  • Voluntary Benefits

    Offers your employees additional insurance & protection which they elect to pay for themselves, providing extra financial security at discounted group rates.


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